Our Story

MOKSA is an organic botanical cosmetics brand established in 2007. A brand that embodies Freedom and the highest Desire for Beauty, where Moksa is crafted from plants, embracing a Bio-Eco Concept that not only creates cosmetic products but also cares for the environment. MOKSA adheres to Core Values: No parabens, No phthalates, No palm oil, and Just happy skin.

Moksa is committed to empowering farmers by forming Farmer Groups (SUBAK) in the Bali region, utilizing fallow lands cultivated with plants that serve as raw materials for Moksa products.

Moksa has established 4 distillation facilities, extraction machines with a capacity of 600 kg located in 4 different regions. Two distillation facilities are in Bali, specifically in Badung areas, namely Plaga and Gulingan, while the other two are located in Sulawesi.

Our Ethos

At Moksa Botanical, our values serve as the foundation of our entire operation. We believe it is crucial to acknowledge and share our key values so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions when they choose us. Additionally, these values act as a guide for us to remain accountable, referring to these commitments as we continue to grow


At Moksa Botanical, we consistently communicate with an honest and accurate representation of our production processes and raw materials.


We are fully committed to creating sustainable furniture in both materials and production processes at Moksa Botanical


We are our team. Without our extended family and network of Indonesian makers, creative collaborators based in Barcelona, and our international clients, Moksa Botanical would not exist


We keep our profit margins low to pay our artisans and suppliers fairly at Moksa Botanical


At Moksa Botanical, we always convey an honest and accurate representation of our production processes and raw materials


We honor the traditional craftsmanship of Indonesia and the lasting influence of iconic mid-century design maestros in all we do at Moksa Botanical