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We take your skin seriously.

MOKSA is an organic botanical cosmetic brand established in 2007. It is a brand that signifies Freedom and the highest Desire for Beauty, where Moksa is crafted from plants, embracing the Bio-Eco Concept. This concept goes beyond creating cosmetic products; it also prioritizes environmental conservation

Our Products

The application of organic cosmetic products, crafted from natural ingredients, proves to be more effective for the skin and face, ensuring no adverse effects in both the short and long term. These organic cosmetics are distinguished by their commitment to avoiding the use of chemicals as preservatives, aroma enhancers, or for delivering quick cosmetic effects

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Where Nature's Meets Skincare Excellence

Moksa Botanical. A product crafted from natural ingredients, specifically Candlenut Oil and Tamanu Oil. Moksa was have production facility permits, circulation permits, and has laboratory testing

Export-Quality. Our products meet high export standards and have been successfully exported to various countries, including Japan, Singapore, Europe (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands), and several others. Aligned with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), our products are ISO 9001 and Halal certified


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