Moksa Bath Salt Jasmine

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Moksa Bath Salt Jasmine 

Mineral salt body care made from special composition of Virgin Coconut Oil extract, essential oil, and Sea salt Extract as the base material. Best used to relieve stress and give the feeling of relaxation.


Frequence of use : twice a week

Benefits :

- Helps to relieve fatigue, nervous tension and stiff muscles.

- Helps to calm the mind and leave relaxed and refreshed feelings.

- Helps to relieve the muscle stress and skin swelling.

-  Menjaga kesehatan kulit

Ingredients : Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale) Extract, Sea Salts (Maris Sal)

POMM NA18180701538


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Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Moksa is a masterclass piece of work presented to you.

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